Garda Vetting Procedure

Children’s Officer oversee the implementation of Garda Vetting checks, Safeguarding as appropriate, within the Club, (see GAA Vetting Policy here)

Please follow these steps for the fastest possible on-line result.

Confirm your ID directly to Asdee

  1. Download & Print the  ID Form (Click here)
  2. Scan/Photograph your Photo ID (see ID Form for acceptable documents)
  3. Scan/Photograph your Proof of Address (see form for acceptable documents)
  4. Complete and sign the ID Form and Scan/Photograph it.
  5. email attachments below to
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of Address
  • Completed ID Form

Apply for Vetting to the Garda National Vetting Bureau.

Apply for an on-line vetting: Vetting Form (Click here)

  1. You will be asked to upload your ID & proof of address
  2. Within 2 weeks you should get an email from An Garda asking you to to complete the process – this stage will require you to provide details of previous addresses (if relevant)
  3. Once your details have been checked you should receive your vetting letter (a copy of which will be sent to the Asdee Sec.) – this may take a period of 4 weeks approx.