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Club Coronavirus Notice

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Asdee GAA Club is willing to play their part during this period of Covid-19, to ensure that it can be overcome as soon as possible.  The club is following the advice and direction of the HSE and Croke Park in ceasing all Club activity up to 29 March, after which we will await further instruction for the ensuing period.  We have ceased all training, closed, suspended our weekly Golden Goal.

Asdee GAA encourages members to follow the defined protocols in defeating the Coronavirus, e.g. social distancing, frequent washing of hands, correct methods to apply when coughing or sneezing, etc. 

A detailed HSE website with recommendations can be found on this link.

Coronavirus COVID -19 Statement 20th March

The membership of Asdee GAA members are encouraged to display community awareness during this current Covid-19 period.  Do you have elderly neighbours, who need assistance?  Social distancing and self-isolation, don’t have to mean total social isolation.

A ‘phone call to ensure that they are safe or need any assistance might be appreciated.  The Club encourages that any personal contact that might result should follow the HSE guidelines of social distancing, etc.

Asdee GAA depends on our community for their support and the Club now encourages its members to support our community in any way possible and for each member to play their part in helping neighbours and defeating this virus.

For our younger members, click on this link for training exercises.

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