1905-1924: The origins of Gaelic Football in Asdee

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The origins Of Gaelic football in Asdee goes back to the beginning of the century and in this article I shall attempt to breeze through many of the glorious moments which are now inscribed into the annals of local history. This is not a history of the club, but hopefully will provide the community with an insight into the many people who kept the tradition going over the years and the great feats achieved by local teams during this period. The first local team emerged in 1905 and were called Craughdarrig Emmets. At that particular time the game was played with 17-a-side. A North Kerry Board did not exist at that time and it was up to each individual team, to arrange their own games against teams from the North Kerry area. Games were not just confined to ‘the locality and the Craughdarrig team regularly boated across the Shannon for games against Clare teams which often turned into great social occasions. A close camaraderie was built between the teams, over the years and the Bannermen also made return trips to Asdee.

The games were usually played in the Sliss Field and this went on until well into the The 30s. The first North Kerry League was established in 1919 with Faha entering a team which included a number of Asdee players including Jack Boyle, Maurice Wren, Sean Coughlan and Garret Boyle. The emergence of the Black and Tans, the tragic Civil War and general political strife that followed brought football to a standstill throughout Kerry for a few years.

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