80s Club Photos

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John Joe O’Carroll, Patsy Coughlan & Seán Doran at the County Convention.
Johnny Walsh, Bob Stack & Jack Walsh in 1984.
Tom O’Sullivan, Jim O’Connor, Oliver Kearney, Joe Gorman, Mike Doyle, Paddy Dee, Michael Mulvihill, Dan Kearney & Jack Hennessy with the North Kerry League in 1987.
Goal mouth scramble at the Canel End on the club’s visit to Croke Park in 1988.
The teams leave the field at the Hogan Stand in 1988.
The team photo from the visit to Croke Park in 1988.
Club visit to the Wax Museum in 1988.
Eoin O’Mahony, Richard Dee, Karl Kissane & Sean ‘Red’ Stack with Sean Kelly in the Wax Museum 1988.
Mike O’Connor, Patsy Coughlan, John Kennedy, John Joe O’Carroll, Sean Doran, Fergus O’Connor & Michael Mulvihill with the Novice in 1989.


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